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About Us

Andaluca is the result of our team's love for natural botanical creations and fragrance to be used as your home's finishing touch. Our team has been making and innovating in the home fragrance industry for the last 20 years and we are driven to create the world's best home fragrance products always making them in California just north of Los Angeles.

Our name is inspired by the Andalucia region of southern Spain, where some of the most beautiful mountain side villages reside surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls and forestry all around. This picturesque landscape filled with natural beauty perfectly represents what we are trying to achieve, beauty & memorable scents with natural botanicals and fragrance.

We are devoted to redefining home fragrance to beautify your home both in scent and style.

Some customer reviews have described our potpourri as:

- "My favorite potpourri of all time!" - Sellse on our Gardens of Bali Potpourri

- "High Quality *****" Jennifer on our Forbidden Flower Oasis Potpourri

- "Well worth the 💰!" Julie on our Lemon Zest & Thyme Potpourri

- "Not your grandma’s potpourri" Rebecca on our Pacific Vanilla Isles Potpourri

- "Smells very nice. I keep it in the bathroom and gives it that extra touch." S. on our Amber Lavender Potpourri












Address: 1950 Williams Drive Oxnard, California 93036