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Top 5 Potpourris

Top 5 Potpourris

Out of our year round potpourri classics, customers have chosen some as their clear favorites. Here are our top 5 classic potpourris:

1. Lemon Zest & Thyme, this potpourri brings a feeling of brightness that is accentuated by the unique fragrance that combines citrus and herbs together for a refreshing scent.

lemon zest & thyme

2. Gardens of Bali, this potpourri can be described simply as both clean in scent and look. With a beautiful balance of green and white backed by the aromatic symphony of a fresh green scent creates this timeless potpourri.

3. Forbidden Flower Oasis, a wonderful blend of tropical and bright colors and scents bring this potpourri to your home's center stage. 

4. Pacific Vanilla Isles, a subtle California classic of seashells and subtle blues create this beach house classic that is backed by a uplifting coastal aroma.

5. Amber Lavender, this is one of our team's favorites that is brought to life with real French lavender and amber and accentuated by wonderfully curated botanicals and calming aroma highlighted by crushed lavender and crystal amber.